Our Story

I first learned of Jeremy’s existence at the company holiday party in December 2013. I was talking to my friends Mike (the coworker who referred me to the job) and Danielle (Mike’s wife). It came up that I was single. I was saying how it was hard to find somebody, now that I was working full-time, and most of my friends were married. Danielle seemed to understand. “My brother is going through the same thing,” she said. “It’s tough because he has weird hours, he works the evening shift and works weekends sometimes. I mean, no woman is ever going to put up with -- hey, you might like him.” Immediately, the cell phone came out and she was showing me Facebook pictures of Jeremy. She went on to tell me that Jeremy plays guitar and is an electronic music producer. He definitely sounded interesting and looked cute, but in the midst of the holidays, it wasn’t a priority to me to meet him yet. It wasn’t for another couple of months that I actually met him for the first time.

So I was at my customary birthday dinner, January, 2014, at my favorite steakhouse with my sister, Danielle and her husband, Mike. Same story, once again. Still single, my work schedule hours are nuts, online dating is a soul-crushing abyss of disposable, mostly one-off dinner dates, blah blah… Same as last year and the one before that. But hey, it’s cool, I’m thinking I might look out West or something. Just get a change of scenery.

This time was different though. At some point in the evening Danielle gets to talking about one of Mike’s coworkers. She was single, really smart and creative. A musician!! Into video game music and all that. Danielle showed me a couple Facebook pictures and next thing I know, we are planning a boardgames, kinda double-date night at their house.

I was excited! Amy seemed really cool from what I was hearing. So the night arrives. I’m kind of nervous because: Really tall, beautiful Taiwanese woman, check! Streak of blue hair, check! Cool, hand socks and spiky stuff, check! Kind of intimidating at first really. But it wasn’t much more than maybe a half an hour through the night before we were just straight losing Mike and Danielle on our conversation, getting into guitars, and music production, and video games and whatnot...

At the end of the night we exchanged Facebook info, and we actually had a great conversation over Facebook Chat right after both of us had gotten home. That’s when I started feeling comfortable with Amy. By the first “Actual” date, we both just dropped our dating facades and I knew something was going to be different with Amy. She was beautiful, so smart, really talented, interesting, compassionate, real. I feel this way about her stronger and stronger with each day.

Next thing I know, I’m looking at engagement rings...

In the beginning, it was easy to talk to Jeremy because we had so much in common, both being musicians and into video games and all. But I quickly realized that it was more than that. Almost immediately, we felt comfortable enough around each other to just be ourselves, and I found that our common ground was on a deeper level. Somehow, we just “got” each other. More than that, Jeremy had all the qualities that I had always been looking for in another person: sensitivity, great sense of humor, passion, and creativity. About a month into it, I found myself bewildered by how life-changing it was to meet him, like a piece of my life that I didn’t know was missing all along. And although it seemed like it should have been too soon to know it, I knew in my gut that I wanted to marry him.

We got engaged on the four-month anniversary of when we met. Jeremy planned a picnic trip to a high elevation point in Manassas, VA, where we could watch the sunset together. It was slightly cloudy that day, and the sun lit up the clouds in all shades of color, with heat lightning in the background. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous setting for our engagement!

As you can imagine, that was only the beginning of the story. Since then, we have been through a lot together. We’ve moved in together, planned our wedding together (still in progress), and started our search for our first new home together. We’ve traveled, and gotten to know each others’ families. We’ve gone to video game conventions, and remixed video game music. Amy has discovered the joy of mountain biking, and Jeremy has learned to cook tofu! Both of our lives have changed dramatically in such a short time, and we’re both looking forward to the next step, and everything the future holds.